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Wheels and wheelsets from online bike shop

The wheels are of high importance on a bicycle, they carry the whole weight and belong to the rotating mass. That's why attention should be payed when choosing a wheel or wheelset.

A wheelset is the combination of front wheel and rear wheel. A wheel consists of a rim, spokes and nipples and the hub. The hub consists of a hub shell and multiple bearings turning around an axle, which is fixated in the dropouts of the bike frame respectively the fork. The quality of the hub is one of the key elements in terms of the rolling resistance of a wheelset.

The art of wheel building is to build a wheel as light as possible while maintaining strength and stiffness. This is achieved thru equally high spoke tensions.

Wheels are available as system wheels or classic custom-made wheels. The individual components of the latter ones are specified by the rider and then built, either by the rider or by a skilled wheel builder. The advantages are the freedom of choice in colour, rim type and spokes while and the easier repair in case of a defect.

System wheels on the contrary are ready-built retail wheels by large manufacturers, often with dedicated spokes or rims, which can be difficult and/or expensive to replace.

We carry a wide range of wheels and wheelsets, including high-end carbon wheels, from manufacturers like Campagnolo, Xentis, tune or DT Swiss.

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