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Bike stems for mountainbike and road at good prices from

The stem choice in combination with the right handlebar is very important for the ideal position on a bike. A stem is the link between the handlebar and the steerer of a fork.

The vast majority of stems is made out of Aluminium. In the recent years lightweight carbon stems were introduced. These carbon stems are slightly lighter, but also much more expensive than their Aluminium counterparts. Paying attention to the torque values is always recommended for all stems.

Stems come in different lengths and angles, the correct choice depends on the rider size and the frame geometry.

The rule of thumb is: the steeper the stem is, the more comfortable the ride. This is especially true for trekking bikes and touring cyclists, which want comfort over aerodynamics.

Cyclists which don't want to commit to a fixed angle (yet) should consider an adjustable stem, which can be adjusted as needed.

Well known manufacturers of stems are Syntace, Ritchey or tune.