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Through axles

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Thru-axles are essential components of modern bicycle technology, significantly contributing to the stiffness and safety of bicycles. Compared to traditional quick releases, thru-axles provide a more robust connection between the frame and the wheel hub. There are different types of thru-axles, including front and rear axles, widely used in both mountain bikes (MTB) and road bikes.

The stiffness achieved through thru-axles enhances steering precision and the overall performance of the bike, especially in challenging terrain for mountain bikes or at high speeds for road bikes. The simple operation using a lever makes the removal and installation of wheels quick and straightforward.

When selecting thru-axles, it is crucial to pay attention to the correct size, as different types of bicycles require different axle diameters and lengths. Additionally, there are various standards for axle mounting, such as the Boost system in the mountain bike sector.

Regular inspection of the axles and lubrication of the threads are crucial to ensuring their proper functioning. Thru-axles represent a significant advancement in bicycle technology, improving both safety and performance.