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Besides handlebars and pedals the bicycle saddle is one of the three main points where the body of the rider touches the bike.

Nowadays bicycle seats are offered in a variety of shapes for every riding style. A commuting saddle for example needs to be comfortable even on longer rides with regular clothing and for casual riders, that's why these saddles have a larger size than most other saddles. Seats for sport or competition use on the contrary are usually very slim and have a relatively small contact area.

What also needs to be considered is the sex of the rider. Men and women need saddles which doesn't affect blood circulation in their perineum areas and they feel comfortable with.

Mountainbike saddles should make it easy to get the body behind the saddle on steep descents.

Our online bike shop carries a wide selection of different saddles, for example from Fizik and Selle Italia).

Should you be unsure which saddle is the right for you, simply contact us.