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Tools, Pumps & Stands

Bike tools, truing stands and bike stands at good prices from

This category covers all items required for maintenance, repair, bike care and wheel building.

Especially on long rides it is helpful to have a small selection of the most important bike tools. The manufacturers of bicycle tools offer multi tools for all needs.

Important tools for the garage are torque wrenches and special tools like lockring spanners required to exchange bike parts. Bike cranks for example require a special tool for the installation and removal. Torque wrenches help to keep the torque values of bolts within the manufacturer limits, which is very important not only for lightweight carbon parts.

People who want to maintain and repair their mountainbike or road bike on their own, should consider to invest their money into a bike stand because it makes working on the bike a lot easier. Most stands clamp the frame tubing or the seatpost. One of their advantages is that the wheels can spin freely, so that working on the drivetrain is easily possible.

Truing stands are also among our tools category. If you want to get serious about wheel buiding or truing, they're a good investment.