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Bike parts and bike components at reasonable prices from, your online bike shop

On this page you can see all our offered bike parts listed in their respective categories. The top categories like wheels are split into their individual components – eg. the hubs. We have put our efforts into making our bicyle online shop with its bicycle parts very user-friendly, so that shopping in our shop is as easy and comfortable as possible.

Bike parts are indvidual components for installation on mountain bikes, road bikes or trekking bikes. It doesn't make a difference, wether parts are subject to wear and tear or if you simply want to upgrade your bicycle. Our portfolio for example covers a very wide rang of lightweight carbon parts - Weight Weenies will for sure find what they're looking for.

Our shop enables you to create your dream bike on your own and let it ship to your door. Unlike pre-built bikes from local bike shops we give you the freedom of choice for practically every part of the bike.

If you're unsure, which parts fit to each other or if they're incompatible, contact us. We can give you advice on the correct choice of bike parts.

In case you're looking for spare parts or want to replace worn-out components, we're the right shop for you, too. Especially drivetrain parts, like the cassette (or rear sprockets), the chain, the front derailleur or the rear derailleur need to be replace on a regular basis when you ride a lot and/or in difficult conditions.

Aside from that we also offer a variety of bike parts, e.g. for wheel building. If you don't have the time or skills to build a wheel on your own, have a look at our special service, the custom wheel building service. You just need to put the hub, rim and spokes into the shopping cart and we'll handbuild the wheel for you at a very fair price! Don't worry about the spoke length (just choose a random one) – we'll take care of it.

But our product range of different bike components goes beyond the mentioned items above. We offer a wide selection of disc brakes as well as rim brakes, suspension forks and rigid forks.

A very large selection of products can be found in the category for tyres and inner tubes, because tires and inner tubes are by far the components on a bike which need to be replaced the most and they're the components, which can improve the performance of a bicycle dramatically.

We have also a remarkable selection of accessoires for bikes, like bike lighting or bike computers.