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Tires (CX/Gravel)

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The world of bicycle tires offers a variety of models and designs for every conceivable purpose. It's no wonder that even experienced cyclists can sometimes lose track. But don't worry, when it comes to CX/Gravel tires, we're here to help you find the perfect pair for your adventures.

CX/Gravel tires are the ultimate all-rounders for rides on mixed terrain, whether on muddy dirt roads, gravel paths, or even challenging trails. These tires combine the characteristics of road and off-road tires, providing a versatile solution for cyclists who like to push the boundaries of traditional road cycling.

Unlike pure road tires, which prioritize low rolling resistance, and pure off-road tires, which are designed for optimal grip and traction, CX/Gravel tires offer a balanced mix of both. They feature a tread pattern that provides sufficient grip on loose surfaces while still ensuring acceptable rolling resistance for fast rides on asphalt.

Another important aspect when selecting CX/Gravel tires is puncture resistance. Since these tires are often used off the beaten path, it's crucial that they are robust enough to handle the challenges of the terrain. Manufacturers like Schwalbe offer CX/Gravel tires with integrated puncture protection, ensuring that you can enjoy your rides worry-free.

There are also different constructions of CX/Gravel tires, including wire bead and tubular tires. Wire bead tires have an embedded wire in the bead that securely anchors them in the rim bed and requires a bicycle tube, while tubular tires are glued directly onto special rims without a tube.

If you're unsure which CX/Gravel tire best suits your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our experts are happy to assist you in selecting the perfect tire for your adventures. Get ready to explore the limits and experience the ultimate riding experience with the right CX/Gravel tires on your bike.