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Buy the hub of your choice online at is your expert for bike parts offering a large selection down to the smallest nut and bolt. Wether you want to order complete bike or individual components – you'll definitely find something at us.

The hub is a part of the bike which gets more and more attention. Nowadays not only pro riders but also amateur cyclists decide to upgrade their hubs. Changing the hubs allows the installation of disc rotors or to power your cycling lights by a dynamo hubs. Such a hub is very efficient and can save weight over a conventional sidewall dynamo.

The quick release hub is used since decades on bicycles and provides the rider with a fast and easy way to remove the wheels. This makes repairs a lot easier. Tuning freaks can choose from many durable tuning hubs made from anodised aluminium in various colours. Riders who train a lot want to know their progress. That's where powermeter hubs come in. Their wireless data transfer gives cyclists the full analytical control over their training results.