SON 28 15 dynamo hub 15mm disc 6-hole

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  • Schmidt's Original Hub Dynamos meet exceptional demands. Weight and power consumption are parameters that can be easily measured and the technical details can be found Linkhinweis in our brochures.
    The life cycle of high quality deep groove ball bearings up to 50.000 km is no issue for an accurately designed front hub, nor are there any other mechanical parts subject to regular wear and tear in gearless hub dynamos.

    • SON 28 15 disc

    The first dynamo hub for 15mm thru-axle

    So far the ambitious rider had to do without one or the other. The axle stiffens the suspension fork and allows a more precise positioning of the hub, which is particularly useful for disc brakes. More and more mountain bikers want to take advantage of a hub dynamo lighting system. No wonder that we saw an increased demand for a thru-axle hub dynamo.
    For this, we had to change not only the axle, but also substantial parts of the generator. Result is a hub dynamo similar in looks, strength and electrical values to SON 28 disc, just with a thick "hole". Also, with 460 g the weight could be kept quite low.
    The SON 28 15 disc (6-hole) is available in the colors silver, black, red and blue anodized.
    Spoke Drillings: 28, 32, 36

    • SON 28 15 110 disc

    Boost hub standard dynamo for 15 mm thru-axle, 110mm width.
    Its symmetric hub flanges of equal diameters help to lace wheels more easily. Also wheels become stiffer and more loadable.
    Weight: 480g
    The SON 28 15 110 disc (6-hole) is available in the colors black and red anodized.
    Spoke Drillings: 32, 36

    • SON 28 15 150 disc

    The hub dynamo for fatbike-forks of 150mm width.
    Disc rotor position 10.4mm, 82mm flange spacing.
    Weight: 530g
    The SON 28 15 150 disc (6-hole) is available in the color black anodized.
    Spoke Drillings: 32
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    • Jeremiah  21/02/2019
      This dynamo will do everything you ask of it. I'm buying my second one.
      I used the 100mm QR version of this dynamo with a solid fork on the Great Divide Trail in the Rocky Mountains of the Western US.
      Any dynamo will handle the road. This one handled ROUGH mountain singletrack and rocky downhill forest roads. It powered a headlight, cache battery, iPhone, Garmin Edge 1030 and InReach tracker.
      It forded streams and hadled temps from below freezing (and freezing rain) to hot!
      No problems, no issues. Be sure to keep the axle tight so the connectors don't rotate.

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