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Bicycle handlebars at good prices from

Besides the the saddle and the pedals the handlebar is one of three contact points between the rider and his bike.

Handlebars with a wrong shape can lead to a cramped neck and pain in the back muscles. That's why choosing a matching mountainbike or road handlebar in combination with the correct handlebar grips is so important. Handlebars are available in different drops, reach, rises and bents.

The choice of material depends on handlebar weight you want to achieve and the money you want to spend. While Aluminium handlebars feature a very good price/performance ratio, carbon handlebars can save weight and reduce vibrations to a certain degree.

After a crash it's highly recommended to check both Aluminium and Carbon handlebars for damage. Even after a light crash carbon handlebars can be damaged, sometimes not visible. If there are any doubts about the handlebar safety, the handlebar should be replaced.

You can find a large selection of handlebars in our bike online shop for example from manufacturers like Easton, FSA and Syntace.

If you have any questions about handlebars, simply contact us.