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Bike tyres are available for various requirements and conditions.

Generally bicycle tyres can be divided into offroad tyres (mountainbike tyres) and tyres for paved streets (road tyres). Offroad tyres should have a profile which provides enough grip while maintaining low rolling resistance combined with a puncture protection while road tyres should combine a low rolling resistance with sufficient grip on wet roads.

Recreational riders on trekking bikes have different needs. The tyres should be as puncture resistant as possible while providing a long mileage. Modern commuting tyres feature also a relatively low rolling resistance.

The puncture protection is an important criteria for many cyclists. Schwalbe was the first manufacturer, which developed tyres with a thick flat-resistant layer underneath the skin called SmartGuard.

Bicycle tyres are divided into clincher tyres and tubular tyres. Clincher tyres have a wire beads (made from steel wire or aramid), which press against the rim hooks. These tyres require inner tubes (except UST/Tubeless models). Tubular tyres on the contrary are tubeless and are glued onto special rims for tubular tyres.

If you're unsure which type of mountainbike or road tyres you need, simply contact us.