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  • The new Flat-less tire.

    After 10 years, we have thoroughly overhauled the Marathon Plus. The only true flat-less tire gets a new, dynamic profile and boasts many internal improvements:

    Rolling resistance.
    The patented, 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer, when compared to all generic products, has a significant advantage in rolling resistance. We further extended its lead in the latest version.

    Also in the SmartGuard, we now use a proportion of recycled rubber from old latex products.

    „Anti-Aging“ side wall.
    It now lasts much longer before developing unsightly cracks when subjected to use with too low air pressure.

    E-Bike Ready
    The main sizes are approved and tested for E-bikes up to 50 km/h. Following sizes carry the ECE-R75 mark: 47-406, 47-559, 37-622, 40-622, 47-622.

    The most efficient protection belt there is for bike tires. In other words: flatless. Solid, 5 mm thick layer of highly flexible special rubber provides permanent protection. Also in the case of embedded objects. Even thumbtacks are no problem for this tire.

    E-Bike Ready 50
    Need a special tire for an E-bike? In standard pedelecs that have motor assist up to 25 km/h, there is no legal requirement for a special tire. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are higher than in regular bikes, therefore we recommend only certain tires as "E-Bike Ready 25".
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    • Kurt 24/07/2018
      I've used they tires for multiple bicycle tours and for daily commuting. It's extremely rare that I end up with a flat. While they are heavy, knowing that you are to cycle 100s of miles without getting a flat makes them a 5-star touring tire. I'll never tour on a different tire.

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