Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour SmartGuard Twin-Skin Endurance-Compound wired

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  • Marathon Plus Tour

    Flat-less – with a purposeful trekking tread.

    Asphalt or offroad? Everyday use or bicycle expeditions? This versatile tire always does the job. Its robust construction handles almost any mistreatment. Protected by SmartGuard, the most effective puncture protection belt available for bicycle tires.


    The technical equipment varies according to the version and/size.


    • With dynamo ribbing.


    • The safest puncture belt for bicycle tires. Unbeatable for more than 15 years. It has proved itself in practice more than any other tire. Only tires with SmartGuard are real flat-less tires. Available exclusively from Schwalbe.


    • Most effective protection belt available for bicycle tires. A substantial, 5 mm thick layer of flexible, special india rubber offers durable protection. Works also for objects that lodge in the tread. Even a thumbtack won’t harm it.


    • Old products made of natural rubber (such as gloves, tubes...) are crumbed and, over several procedural steps, used as base material in the puncture protection system.

    E-Bike ready 25

    • In standard pedelecs that have motor assist up to 25 km/h, there is no legal requirement for a special tire. But even with these bikes, loads and average speeds are higher than in regular bikes, therefore we recommend only certain tires as “E-Bike Ready 25”.

    Performance Line

    • Excellent quality for intensive use.
    • These are the best value for money tires.
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    • Biker T. 20/01/2019
      Top choice durability wise for trekking and commuting on almost any surface.
      The most durable tire for trekking and commuting on tarmac as well as on gravel that I've experienced so far. I'm a big guy and have been riding these regularly thousands of kilometers per year for years, with estimated 15-20k kms of life span per pair. Have used them all year round even when there's enough tread for snow, on which they work fairly well too, though they aren't really a safe substitute for studded tires when there's plenty of ice. Only drags could be the weight and rolling resistance, but they're not really that a big problem if long term durability is preferred - next to zero punctures are guaranteed with these until they're so finished, that you'll be changing them anyway and in the summer the bald tires give still a good grip on tarmac.

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