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The right cycling lights for every need

Wether if you're riding in urban areas or are into endurance trips, the shop of can deliver you with the correct lights. We offer safety lights which provide you with optimum visibility on the daily ride to your work or when you stroll around in the evening to protect you from accidents with cars or other vehicles.

The systems for front and rear lights can be combined variably. This enables you to adjust the lighting to the design of your bicycle. We carry lights for city, touring and endurance purposes with different mounts for a flexible installation. Many front and rear lights can be mounted easily to the handlebar or seat rails. This allows the fast removal of LED lamps during breaks or after ending a tour to prevent theft. Our portfolio covers also rack-mounted rear lights and high power systems for highest demands. offers customers battery-powered lights and lamps as well as dynamo-powered lights. When you prefer a complete solution, you should choose a front and rear light which already comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries. Explore our large selection of lights and accessoires!