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Busch und Müller E-Werk mobile charger/power supply unit

71085 / 4006021006348 / 361 / 2018
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  • E-WERK

    Power without mains - For all those that do not want to do without mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player or other electronic devices while cycling, Busch+ Müller has developed the bike-mobile E-WERK. Connected to a hub dynamo; Voltage and current can be adapted to charge and/or power mobile devices. Includes multiple adapter cables.

    With this dynamo-connected, universal powering device can be adjusted variably in small increments. It charges at velocities of approx. 8 km/h and faster. At around 15 km/h it charges as quickly as standard mains connected chargers. It can be fed with up to 50 V DC, so that operation with an e-bike or car battery is possible as well.

    • Charge/power mobile devices using hub dynamo
    • High efficiency
    • Variable voltage and current settings
    • Extensive accessory set
    • Various connectors (eg. USB)
    • Splashand rainwater-proof

    Part no. : 361

    Powering devices without built in batteries

    In general, the E-WERK can power devices without built in batteries. When starting the ride, the output voltage of the E-WERK slowly increases with the velocity. Therefore, the connected device will not operate before the necessary minimum voltage is reached. This can be remedied by a cache battery (as offered by different manufacturers, e.g. our cache battery 461A)

    Some sensitive mobile electronic devices react to voltage fluctuations by interrupting the charging process. Since the E-WERK is connected to a hub dynamo, it cannot supply power free of those kinds of fluctuations. The cache battery stores excess power from the ride and compensates in low speed / short stop phases thus preventing charging interruptions. Click on the picture to learn more about it!

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    • 1 x E-WERK
    • 1 x connection cable for dynamo (80 cm)
    • 1 x extension cable (100 cm)
    • 1 x cable, circular plug to USB socket (19 cm)
    • 1 x cable, USB plug to Mini-USB plug (21 cm)
    • 1 x cable, USB plug to Micro-USB plug (21 cm)
    • 2 x free cables for connecting custom plugs
    • 1 x cable, circular plug to Mini-USB plug (40 cm)
    • 1 x cable, circular plug to Micro-USBplug (40 cm)
    • incl. mounting and small parts (see user's manual)
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days