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Busch und Müller IQ-XS Highbeam LED E-Bike-light 9-48V 100 Lux + full beam light 150 Lux incl. switch 65cm black (StVZO permitted)

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  • Real high beam light for e-bikes

    IQ-XS, the successful Busch + Müller headlight, is now even brighter than before and has gained a high beam version. Its low beam light shines far, widely and very homogenously with 100 Lux and guarantees premium vision directly in front of the e-bike as well as in a distance of 50 metres. A sharp light/dark boundary prevents the glaring of oncoming traffic. One push of the ergonomic button activates high beam mode. 150 Lux breaks boundaries, and shine even farther, wider and higher.
    This output is made possible by modern LED light technology contained in the compact black anodised aluminium casing. Sensor-controlled DRL and lateral light emission considerably increase visibility and safety of the cyclist. Screw-on front reflector is an standard issue.

    • 100 Lux
    • Suitable for 9-48 V DC supply
    • High beam headlight
    • Regular mode: 150 Lux
    • Pushing the handlebar button activates 150 Lux high beam light
    • Requires at least 11 W nominal output of the drive system's light connection
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    Rate this product

    2 review for Busch und Müller IQ-XS Highbeam LED E-Bike-light 9-48V 100 Lux + full beam light 150 Lux incl. switch 65cm black (StVZO permitted) with an rating of 4/5 point.

    • Delayed
      Can't review this product yet because it's been 10 days so far and tracking shows it still hasn't even left Germany. It took 6 days just for StarBike to even electronically put the delivery into DHL's system.

      I'll chime back in if I ever get it.

    • IQ-XS - A Solid Headlight
      Length of button wire is 65cm
      Headlight Diameter is 44mm
      Headlight Length (lens to rear of housing) is 51mm
      Button bracket width (space it takes up on handlebar) is 20mm

      It took 14 days total (Wed-Wed) to arrive on the US East Coast. If all involved were running at peak efficiency, probably should have taken half that time, but oh well, it made it eventually. It arrived in good condition and packaging was sufficient. The button wire length is a bit short for my application, but it works. Another 10cm would have been perfect. I could cut, splice and solder a new section in, if needed, but that would ruin the clean aesthetic. The actual headlight is smaller than I imagined, but that's kind of nice.

      Now for the good stuff... The button can be used to select between low/high beams (short press) and also used to turn the light on/off (long press), which is really convenient. There are two LEDs, one for the low beam and one for the high beam. Selecting the high beam does not shut off the low beam LED, it just turns on the second LED for the high beam, so that both are lit simultaneously. The button lights up green when low beam selected and blue when high beam selected. This light really makes it much safer riding at night, especially at higher speeds, due to the increased brightness, extended reach and greater peripheral lighting. I would say it's three to four times brighter than the stock headlight that came with the bike and the low/high function is invaluable.

      I'm currently running it off of both 3 cell (11.1V) and 4 cell (14.8V) LiPo batteries interchangeably and all that needed to be done to make that connection was to solder an XT60 connector on the end of the headlight's power wires. My built in headlight circuit, through the bike's controller/display, has a 3.5W max, so direct wiring wasn't possible. I could, in the future, tap into the bike's main battery pack to power the headlight and control it though the original switch, but that would require purchasing a solid state relay to trigger that circuit.

      The way it's currently wired, I'm still using the original headlight/horn combo, but have mounted it under the IQ-XS and turned it around to point backwards and downwards slightly. I layered 6 pieces of Kapton tape over the lens so it's now just a diffused, amber light pointing to the rear of the bike, but I still have a horn and now it actually projects the sound forwards instead of back at me :) Kind of nice actually because it provides light when it's really dark, for accessing bags, locking up, etc. And, actually adds a subtle illumination of the whole bottom of the bike (and me) while riding, for greater visibility to cars. Mostly for the cars approaching from behind and the sides.

      All in all, I'm very pleased with the IQ-XS. It was a great upgrade. If price and size aren't a concern, I'm sure the IQ-XM would be even better and the IQ-XL would make it feel like you're riding behind the sun :)

      Cheers, Sev

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