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Busch und Müller USB-Werk

71281 / 4006021008847 / 361BW / 2018
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    The USB-WERK supplies 5 V and up to 500mA current. An small integrated cache battery helps to provide a constant voltage supply at low speed or short stops. Includes standard USB-port adapter cable.

    For these reasons, the USB-WERK is a perfect fit for charging/powering USB devices of any kind: mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player etc. Contains cable with USB socket.

    • Charge/power mobile devices using hub dynamo
    • Integrated cache battery
    • USB Port
    • Splashand rainwater-proof

    Part no. : 361BW

    Integrated cache battery
    The USB-WERK contains a cache battery that keeps the energy supply constant during slow cycling or stopping.
    Tip: Cycle for approx. 10 minutes at 15 km/h with the light switched off and with no USB device connected to ensure a basic charge of the cache battery.

    Scope of Delivery
    • USB-WERK
    • 3 rubber bands
    • 4 cable straps
    • 1 dynamo connection cable (80 cm)
    • 1 cable, circular plug to USB socket
    • 2 caps for plug connections
    • 1 plug (casing and inner part) for Shimano hub dynamo
    • 2 flat connectors with additional branch for SON hub dynamo
    • 2 heat shrink tubes for SON flat connectors
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    • 1 x USB-Werk
    • Connection cables and small parts
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days