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The bicycle crankset (also called crankset or chainwheel set) is a lever system that transfers the pedaling force exerted by the cyclist to the bicycle chain.

This force is transmitted to the chainring. As a result, the chain is driven, and propulsion is generated at the rear wheel.

Pedals are attached to the outer ends of the cranks. On the right crank (from the rider's perspective), between 1 and 3 chainrings can be mounted on the designated crankstar, depending on the type of gearing system.

Bicycle cranks used to be almost exclusively made of steel; nowadays, aluminum is the most commonly used material. Cranks must demonstrate solid stiffness, especially concerning the forces generated during pedaling.

The stiffness of the crank also significantly influences the efficiency of power transmission. The stiffer the material, the better the efficiency.

In the lightweight scene, carbon cranks are now widespread. Due to the remarkable properties of carbon fibers, bicycle cranks can be constructed in entirely new weight dimensions.

Carbon is lighter than aluminum; however, its production is very complex and requires great care to ensure maximum safety while riding.

Additionally, carbon cranks (like all other bicycle components made of carbon) are highly susceptible to mechanical damage (scratches, cracks, fractures).

In terms of price, carbon bicycle cranks are significantly above average, but they also set new standards in terms of weight considerations.