Busch und Müller Lumotec IQ-X LED front light 100 Lux

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  • IQ-X

    IQ-X from Busch + Müller: High-end meets design

    With its brand new state of the art optics, the IQ-X from Busch + Müller has made it possible for the first time ever to break the 100 Lux barrier for Dynamo Headlights. As if this were not enough, this high end head light emits an extensively wide beam pattern that is superbly even, bright and wide. Paired to this technology comes an attractive design. The quality CNC alloy housing doubles as a heat sink, and is available in black or silver. Side visibility is ensured through light emitting via the lateral slits in the housing. The easy-to-use switch is embedded in a ring of blue light at the rear of the housing.

    Sensor controlled Day Ride Light , stand light, and a flexible multi-joint bracket including integrated cable guide are standard features on this top class light.

    • Lumotec Series
    • 100 Lux
    • Extensive light field
    • Daytime running light
    • Light at close range
    • Sensor automatic
    • Standlight
    • Switch ON/OFF
    • Only for hub dynamos!

    Part no. : 164RTSNDI-01 (schwarz), 164RTSNDI (silber)

    Example for 100 Lux illumination: ____Test photo
    A deciding factor for the quality of a headlight is the field of light that is created on the road. Its depth, width, intensity, homogeneity and exact light/dark boundary provide the overall picture. We show real light fields of all of our headlights.

    Busch und Müller Lichtkabel 2-adrig!

    Find out more about the IQ Technology!
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    • Mark Pace 17/03/2020
      Top quality for a very competitive price.
      Light output is comparable to the Edelux II, and at a much lower price. Also, it is more versatile; the same version can be mounted either normally, or 'hanging' (or even, sideways) because the mounting band can be rotated 360°.

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