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    Welcome to, the bicycle, road bike and mountain bike online shop

    You're a casual mountain biker or an ambitious road racer? Then our bike shop is the right place for you because we carry all kings of bike parts, bike components and bike accessoires you're looking for.

    Cycling has become more and more popular as leisure activity and sport. Do you like to relax from your hard work, keep your fitness and go for a ride in the nature with your mountainbike or road bike? Or are you touring with your bicycle or considering a Transalp? Then you've found the right place because we share your enthusiasm.

    No matter if you need advice on mountainbike or road bike components, we can help you.
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    Buying bike components, a road bike, mountain bike or bicycle accessoires in a bike online shop has several advantages over buying in a traditional bike shop.
    We carry a lot more bicycle components than most local bike shops and you've the freedom to choose the items you need without limiting opening hours or a pushy salesman.
    Aside from that an online bike shop like us is in most cases much cheaper than a local bike shop.

    We can give you extensive advice on road and mountainbike parts, just contact us.

    Low prices on bikes and bike parts in our bicycle online shop
    Many components on a bicycle are subject to wear and tear (e.g. bicycle tyres). Sport cyclists often struggle to find spare parts which meet their requirements and are actually available. This is where we come in as online bike shop. We carry lots of bike parts from allround use to exotic lightweight products for your mountain bike, road bike or touring bike.

    Our bicycle mailorder shop offers a wide range of components. That's why we deliver so many people from hobby cyclists to professional road cyclists. For example our portfolio includes many high end components, like carbon wheels, hubs, rims or cranks. These very light components are mainly targeted towards professional cyclists for mountainbike races, triathlon or time trial use, but can also improve the performance of other ambitious riders.
    Carbon bike parts are today's ideal choice for weight saving. Carbon fibres offer extreme strength combined with low weight, which is perfect for Weight Weenies seeking to save some weight!

    Other bike parts at low prices in our shop include saddles, bike computers, bicycle lights or bicycle fenders.

    An important part of every bike is also the drivetrain, no matter if it comes to pedals, rear derailleurs or the front derailleur.

    Acceleration needs to be reversed at some point. Nothing in cycling is more important than quality disc brakes for a mountainbike and good rim brakes for a road bike.

    Our special service:
    Take a look at our wheel building service. At a very fair price we hand-build a wheel or wheelset according to your specifications. You can choose which hubs, rims and spokes you want to have in your wheelset.