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Rear derailleurs

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The rear derailleur is, besides the front derailleurs, responsible for the chosen gear ratio. While the front derailleur ensure that the chain is being positioned on one of the front chain rings, the rear derailleur moves the chain to one of the up to 11 sprockets.

The tooth count of the chainrings and the sprockets creates the gear ratio. This makes it possible to keep the pedaling frequency at an efficient level.

Most common derailleur shifting systems have 21 to 30 gears, but in practice not all of them can/should be shifted because the chain gets inclinated too much, which should be avoided. Regarding this negative aspect of derailleur shifting system, the Rohloff Speedhub gear hub should be mentioned, which its only 14 gear achieves about the same gear range.

The most famous manufacturer of rear derailleurs is the japanese company Shimano. Other manufacturers are SRAM and the italian company Campagnolo.

While Shimano and SRAM produce rear derailleurs for mountainbikes and road bikes, Campagnolo has focused itself on road derailleur systems.

The main disadvantage of rear derailleurs, especially in offroad usage, is their open design, which makes them prone to mud and dirt. This results in more maintenance in comparison to gear hubs.

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