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Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rear

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  • Super Record Rear Derailleur

    The new Super Record 12X2 Speed rear derailleur: pure technology. Functionality combines with the highest quality materials and exceptional weight to generate unparalleled performance.

    A connector rod has been added to the new Super Record 12X2 Speed rear derailleur, as well as a unidirectional front rocker arm in carbon fibre that further reduces the weight of the component, lends uniformity to the aesthetics, and magnifies the incredible performance of Campagnolo's signature component.

    The new Super Record 12X2 Speed rear derailleur can be described as a sculpture with an innovative shape that uses 3D Embrace technology to better cradle the smaller sprockets. The technology serves a double purpose: it enables the chain to maintain optimum traction at all times, thus increasing the speed, power and precision of shifting; it also ensures that the rear derailleur is always at an ideal distance from the sprockets. The rocker arm was optimised to interface with sprockets that have from 11 to 32 teeth, thus requiring only one version for all of the sprocket packs available. The upper body of the new Super Record 12X2 Speed rear derailleur is made of technopolymer plastic reinforced with carbon fibre, which contributes to the robustness and lightness of the component, whilst the titanium stop screw ensures a reduction in weight and matches even better with the technical and aesthetic aspects of the component.

    Weight: 181 gr.

    Features & Benefits

    Optimised spring return
    On rough roads, the spring positioned between the upper body and the pivot absorbs the vibrations, ensuring the chain always rest properly on the sprockets.

    12-tooth jockey wheel on the rocker arm
    Perfect for use with cassettes that have a wide range of teeth
    Ensures constant chain tension

    Adjustment of the initial rear derailleur position
    Allows for exceptional adaptation to any sprocket pack (11-29 and 11-32)

    Trajectory optimisation
    The shifting movement of the rear derailleur keeps the upper jockey wheel on the rocker arm at a constant close distance from the sprocket in use.

    Removable pivot on the upper body
    Perfect functionality with standard drop-out (with pivot) and direct-mount (without pivot)
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    • beautiful
      quick?stable?reliable and i like the mechanical sound.
    • Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed rear derailleur
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