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Hubs (MTB)

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Mountain bike hubs are crucial components in the construction of an off-road bicycle and significantly contribute to the performance and durability of the bike. Hubs are the central parts of the bicycle wheel and form the link between the wheels and the bike's axle. There are various types of MTB hubs, including front hubs, rear hubs, and hubs for disc brakes.

MTB hubs can have different characteristics depending on the intended use and riding style. High-quality hubs are often lightweight, stiff, and provide efficient power transfer. They are available in various axle widths and types to meet the diverse needs of mountain bikers.

Special attention should be given to the type of freehub, as it affects speed control and efficiency. There are different standards, including cassette freehubs and XD freehubs, compatible with various drivetrain configurations.

When selecting MTB hubs, the type of braking system should also be considered. Hubs for disc brakes offer improved braking performance and are particularly advantageous in challenging off-road terrain.

Regular maintenance of MTB hubs is crucial to ensure smooth operation and longevity. This includes cleaning, lubrication, and, if necessary, the replacement of bearings or seals.

Overall, MTB hubs are crucial elements for mountain bikes, influencing not only performance but also the overall riding experience.