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Bike seatposts adjust and fixate the seat height and position towards the pedals and saddle. A well adjusted seatpost is essential for riding comfort and a healthy position on the bike.

Seatposts are made out of Aluminium or Carbon nowadays. In the bike frame they're being fixated with a bolt-on or quick release clamp. Both fixation methods have their advantages and disadvantages. A quick release allows a fast and easy saddle height adjustment because it doesn't require a tool. On the downside it increases the theft risk.

Seatposts have a head on their top end, in which the saddle rails are being clamped.

A special seatpost variant are suspension seatposts. They increase the ride comfort, but don't improve the ground contact of the rear wheel.

We carry seatposts from manufacturers like tune, Syntace, Easton, Crank Brothers and Ritchey.