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Supernova M99 Pro light black E-45 24-60V DC 1600 lumen

56356 / 4260224793447 / P-M99-E32-BLK
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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Supernova M99 Pro light

    The M99 PRO has a brilliant 1600-lumen automotive-certified high beam as well as an ECE compliant low beam with 1100-lumen brightness. The ECE compliant automotive daytime running light enhances safety in traffic by providing recognition as an equal road user. The electronics can communicate with modern e-bikes via automotive CAN or CANopen. Even without software communication, the integrated sensors control the light intelligently so that it functions on all popular e-bike systems.


    The signature of the M99 daytime running light solves a special problem of e-bikes: to drivers and other cyclists, the relaxed posture and slow pedaling frequency of the e-bike rider are often interpreted as signs of a slowly moving cyclist, which can create dangerous situations. The two distinct and extremely bright arcs of the daytime running light are visible from afar and make it obvious that a fast vehicle is approaching.


    The M99 PRO system, the world's first LED high beam specifically designed for e-bikes, offers a real high beam in addition to its low beam that is similar to car headlights. Competitors like to call their enhanced low beams “high beam“ but only a true high beam can reach extremely far and properly illuminate the surroundings. This gives the rider plenty of time to react which greatly increasess safety at high speed.


    The carefully balanced combination of 99 separately calculated mirrors with the LED matrix was achieved in a highly complex development project. Only by using up to 9 automotive LEDs of the latest generation that can be regulated intelligently - in combination with multiple, complex computer calculated concave and convex catoptric facets of the mirror - was it possible to create this pioneering new product.


    The brightness of the M99 system breaks all records and could only be achieved with our sophisticated cooling of the high-power automotive LED matrix. We have applied all the knowledge gained in over 10 years of experience with LED lights to its development. The electronics and the housing have been optimised through careful selection of the right materials based on complex heat dissipation simulations to allow the LEDs to work with the best possible efficiency even at full power.

    Product details:
    • Low beam: 1100 lm, 310 lx
    • Wattage low beam: 16 W
    • High beam: 1600 lm, 380 lx
    • Wattage high beam: 30 W
    • Daytime running light: 32 Power LEDs
    • Wattage: 4.5 W
    • Input voltage: 24 V 60 V DC (75 V max.)
    • Communication: CAN, CANopen
    • Signal processing: High beam, horn, brake
    • Approvals: L-class e.g. L1e
    • Illuminant: 9 automotive LEDs
    • L x W x H: 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm
    • Weight: 220 g
    • Color: Black polished
    • Warranty 3 years
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ready for sending in 1-3 business days