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SON Edelux II upsidedown/hanging incl. switch fitted 140cm incl. rear light output polished

50175 / 680000
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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Edelux headlights for a hanging attachment are now available. The hanging attachment allows mounting them more securely underneath a front rack.

    LED Headlights Edelux II

    The Edelux II outshines his elder brother Edelux - with the latest LED technology and Busch and Muller's new IQ-Tec Premium mirror design: The Edelux II light field is twice as wide and focuses at distances even better than the Edelux did. The near field of the Edelux II begins close to your front wheel and illuminates the road evenly. While the original Edelux was a high-end headlight designed for fast riders, Edelux II allows riding blind curves or going slow on bad roads due to the enormous width of the light beam and its near field distribution.

    • Technical Data
    • Light Source: 2.4/ 3 Watt high-performance LED (
    • German Mark of Conformity: ~~~ K 607
    • Feed Cable: Coaxial cable, PVC-free, Ø 3 mm 60 cm and 36 cm, connectors fitted for SON alternatively 140 cm with loose connectors
    • Connection for Rear Light: Spade connector 2.8 mm and eyelet terminal (enclosed)
    • Switch: Switching ring with magnet, reed-contact
    • Functions: Automatic light sensor and capacitor-standlight
    • Seal: Two o-rings, electronics fully encapsulated
    • Housing: Aluminium 6082 T6
    • Weight: 85 g
    • Guarantee: 5 years
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    SON is a German manufacturer that provides cycling dynamo hubs and lighting systems for cyclists. Founded in 1993, the company has become well-known for producing high-quality and reliable products that meet the needs of cyclists. SON offers a range of dynamo hubs for various types of bikes, including road, touring, and city bikes. The hubs are known for their efficiency and ease of use, and are designed to provide a reliable source of power for bicycle lighting systems.

    SON's lighting systems are designed to be powered by the dynamo hubs, and include front and rear lights, as well as advanced systems with features such as automatic on/off and sensor-controlled brightness. The lights are bright, powerful, and easy to install, making them a popular choice among cyclists.
    ready for sending in 1-3 business days