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Busch und Müller Toplight Dart Brex LED E-Bike-rear light 6-50V DC 50mm + 80mm black (StVZO permitted)

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  • State of the art optics create three strong and evenly illuminated arrow-shaped elements each side of an integrated Z-reflector. The effect is great visibility in stunning design. Easy carrier mounting.

    • LED taillight for E-Bikes, 6-50 V DC
    • Brake light and emergency brake light function
    • Improved light strip technology: Premium visibility
    • Extremely compact
    • With large Z reflector
    • Carrier mounting
    • Compliant with recent German road traffic regulations
    • 50 or 80 mm bolt spacing

    The BREX function in detail
    BREX, the new brake and emergency light function compliant with German regulations.
    As soon as the integrated BREX sensor detects deceleration, the rear light shines much brigher. Other traffic participants understand immediately: CAUTION, THE BICYCLE IS SLOWING DOWN!
    In case of an abrupt brake application, the rear light pulsates very brightly – an unprecedented signalling effect. In such instances, traffic participants can react only instinctively. BREX’ impactful emergency brake light can trigger such a reaction and prevent severe accidents.
    BREX rear lights with are in accordance with most recent German regulations and shine significantly brighter than previous so-called deceleration lights.
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  • Show all items from Busch und MüllerBusch & Müller is a German company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality bicycle lights. Founded in 1925, Busch & Müller has a long history of producing innovative and reliable lighting solutions for cyclists. The company offers a wide range of products, including headlamps, taillights, and dynamo-powered lighting systems, all designed to meet the needs of cyclists of all levels, from casual riders to professional racers.

    One of the defining characteristics of Busch & Müller lights is their focus on safety and visibility. The company uses high-quality LED technology in their products, which provides bright and consistent illumination, even in challenging conditions. In addition, Busch & Müller lights feature a variety of mounting options, allowing cyclists to easily attach their lights to their bicycles, regardless of the frame design or handlebar configuration.

    Another standout feature of Busch & Müller lights is their durability and reliability. The company uses high-quality materials and robust construction techniques to produce lights that are built to last, even in demanding conditions. This results in products that are not only safe and effective, but also long-lasting, providing cyclists with reliable and consistent lighting for years to come.

    In addition to offering high-quality products, Busch & Müller is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses environmentally friendly production processes and materials, and strives to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

    In conclusion, Busch & Müller is a highly regarded manufacturer of bicycle lights. With a focus on safety, visibility, durability, and sustainability, Busch & Müller products are a popular choice among cyclists who demand the best from their lighting equipment.
ready for sending in 1-3 business days
very high demand for this producthigh demand