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Rohloff splined sprocket

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • Splined Sprocket
    The best primary transmission ratio for your SPEEDHUB

    Every SPEEDHUB supplied directly from the Rohloff factory are to date, equipped with a splined sprocket system. This system enables the easy, tool-free replacement of sprockets. Every SPEERHUB version ever produced can be retrofitted to run this new splined sprocket system as opposed to the original threaded sprockets.

    All Rohloff splined sprockets (13 - 19 & 21 tooth) are reversible and use a 57mm chainline.


    Splined Sprocket 13T
    Item number 8541

    Splined Sprocket 14T
    Item number 8542

    Splined Sprocket 15T
    Item number 8543

    Splined Sprocket 16T (Standard)
    Item number 8544

    Splined Sprocket 17T
    Item number 8545

    Splined Sprocket 18T
    Item number 8546

    Splined Sprocket 19T
    Item number 8547

    Splined Sprocket 21T
    Item number 8549


    When converting from threaded sprocket to splines sprocket, please also order the Splined Carrier Art. no. 8540.[/b]

    Attention: Sprocket = new chain line 58mm (screw sprocket = 54mm)

    When using a sprocket in combination with a chain tensioner, a longer frame screw and spacers (Art. No. 8257) must be used to adjust the new chain line.

    Attention: The use of a closed chain guard (Hebie, etc.) must be individually checked for compatibility.
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    • Rohloff splined sprocket
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