Rohloff spokes 2/1.8/2 black

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  • No Calculation, no guesswork. Let us know the ERD value of your rim (usually quoted on the manufacturers website) and we will be able to supply your dealer with the correct spokes in the required. Feel free to quote the exact length required if you know this, and we will then be able to supply the correct spokes in the length quoted.

    To lace wheelsizes of 26" you will need special spoke lengths (from 228mm to 244mm) with a spoke bend/neck length of 2.9mm. If you can inform us as to the ERD value of your rim, we will be able to calculate the correct spokes for you. 28" rims can use spoke lengths (DD 2,0/1,8/2,0 mm) found commonly in all good bicycle shops (260mm and longer).

    A Table of common rim ERD Values can be used to determine the correct spoke length (DD 2,0/1,8/2,0 mm) for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

    Spoke Flange Support Rings - Especially suited to heavily laden Touring bikes, Tandem and Cargo bikes. Should always be fitted when re-lacing a wheel following a flange failure.
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