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  • Polyax
    The round shape of the head of the polyax nipples works like a ball-joint between the rim and the nipple ensuring a better spoke/nipple line.

    Polyax nipples are offered in 12, 14, and 16 mm.

    Different length
    Depending on rim we offer 12mm, 14mm and 16mm nipples. Please be aware that you cannot adjust too short spokes with longer nipples.


    Most common material for nipples, brass nipples are generally nickel coated to ensure good corrosion resistance. Most wheel building robots can only work with brass nipples. Sapim offer brass nipples in silver and black.

    • 64 pcs weight Polyax 12mm 60.48g
    • 64 pcs weight Polyax 14mm 68.19g
    • 64 pcs weight Polyax 16mm 76.42g

    Aluminum is the material of choice for higher performance. For this purpose, Sapim has chosen the highest aluminum grade possible (7075 T6) for this sort of usage. It combines light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. The anodized surface treatment provides various color possibilities. We offer aluminum nipples in: silver, black, red, orange, gold, blue, green and purple. Sapim’s state of the art manufacturing process ensures the best quality available on the market. As a consequence Sapim’s Aluminum nipples has become the benchmark in the market.

    64 pcs weight Polyax Aluminum 12mm 19.30g
    64 pcs weight Polyax Aluminum 14mm 21.82g
    64 pcs weight Polyax Aluminum 16mm 24.80g
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