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Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed cassette

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  • Super Record 12 Speed sprockets

    New Super Record 12 Speed sprocket cassettes: innovation which gives the user great advantages, thanks to the matching dimensions and complete compatibility with wheels and frames.

    The rider has always been Campagnolo’s focus, and the goal has always been facilitating their performance; making the impossible possible. Adding an additional sprocket might seem simple, however we have not only succeeded in maintaining the same footprint, but also improving the component’s performance and durability, which was a tricky challenge!

    The new Super Record 12 Speed sprocket sets feature thinner sprockets, tighter spaces and space-saving dimensions that are the same as those of the 11 Speed sprockets, meeting everyone’s needs with just two (11:29); (11:32) cassettes. The addition of the twelfth sprocket allows a linear upshift or downshift by a single tooth, up to the seventh gear, allowing the cyclist to find the perfect ratio for any situation.

    In addition, the closer sprockets ensure faster, quieter and more precise shifting thanks to the special tooth design and surface treatment which guarantees a longer life span. The 6 larger sprockets are also available in two single-piece steel triplets, to avoid energy loss. Mounting the cassettes is easy thanks to matching-thickness spacers.

    Weight: 266 gr.



    Features & Benefits

    The same width as the 11 Speed ​​sprocket cassette
    Total compatibility with wheels and frames.

    The two largest triplets in a single piece
    Eliminates energy losses.

    Surface treatment
    Increases durability and improves smoothness

    Matching-thickness spacers
    Facilitates installation by eliminating the possibility of error

    Two selections available
    Increases the range of action thanks to the complete range of metric developments

    Same overall dimensions as the 11 Speed; there are no wheels to change or update.

    Reduced spaces
    Faster and more precise shifting.

    Same spacers
    Easy installation without risk of error.

    Larger triplets in a single block
    Rigidity and elimination of losses.
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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Campagnolo Super Record 12-speed cassette with an average rating of 4/5 points.

    • as with all campag stuff works fantastic
         mark anderson   
    • CAMPAGNOLO cassette 12 Speed
    • incl. locking ring
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