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Hayes Dominion A4 disc brake black/bronze

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  • Making power is easy. Making power with the right feel, that was our challenge. We did this by creating an all-new system.
    Dominion’s master cylinder is factory tuned for the shortest dead stroke possible and a crisp bite point. The Dominion A4 caliper utilizes four pistons in the most structurally rigid design possible. It features a cold-forged caliper and KingPin structural pad retention bolt that increases stiffness.
    With a motorsports-inspired Two-Stroke dual port bleed system, industry-leading DOT 5.1 fluid and Kevlar hose, the hydraulic system is engineered for ultimate performance across all temperatures and easy maintenance.
    Dominion A4 features the proprietary QuickBite² system for fast and consistent burnish, coupled with our D-Series rotor to manage the heat with less braking noise.

    • Cartridge-bearings used in the brake lever
    • Aluminum piston operates smoothly across operating temperatures
    • Piston glide ring technology pioneered in suspension forks
    • Caliper: Two Stroke – Dual caliper bleed ports for maximum bleed integrity
    • KingPin – Structural caliper pad pin
    • Crosshair Caliper Alignment System: Dramatically simplifies caliper installment and alignment
    • Patented Crosshair caliper alignment screws
    • Allows mechanics and end users to quickly and accurately set brake caliper with no rubbing of the rotor on the pads
    • Eliminates guesswork and trial and error
    • Makes set up process quick and easy for ‘out of the box’ build
    • QuickBite² – Offers riders the shortest path to high performance
    • Fast, consistent burnish
    • Predictable performance
    • Quiet

    • Lenght brake hose: Front / 1000 mm, Rear / 1800mm

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    • without rotor and adapter
  • Show all items from HayesHayes Bicycle Group is a manufacturer of high-performance bicycle components, including disc brakes. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the years, Hayes has established a reputation for producing durable and reliable disc brake systems for a variety of cycling applications, from cross-country mountain biking to downhill racing.

    Hayes offers a wide range of disc brake models to suit different riding styles and preferences, including hydraulic and mechanical systems. Their hydraulic brakes use a closed system of mineral oil to transmit braking force from the lever to the caliper, resulting in a smooth, consistent feel and increased modulation. Their mechanical disc brakes, on the other hand, use a cable actuation system, making them more economical and easier to maintain.

    One of the key features of Hayes disc brakes is their use of four-piston calipers, which provide more stopping power than traditional two-piston designs. This makes them ideal for use on steep and technical terrain, where stopping power is essential. Additionally, Hayes uses high-quality materials in the construction of their disc brakes, such as heat-treated aluminum and stainless steel, to ensure durability and longevity.

    Hayes also places a strong emphasis on product development and innovation, and they regularly release new and improved disc brake models. For example, their latest hydraulic disc brake system, the Code RSC, features a more compact design, improved modulation, and increased power, making it a popular choice among mountain bikers and enduro riders.

    In conclusion, Hayes Bicycle Group is a respected and trusted name in the bicycle industry, known for producing high-quality disc brake systems for a variety of riding applications. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and durability, Hayes continues to set the standard for disc brake technology in the cycling world.
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