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Schmolke TLO carbon saddle 3K

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • A light and comfortable saddle - Schmolke Carbon's targets for this saddle were clearly defined. With 62 grams and the specially developed flex behaviour of this saddle, this saddle met exactly these standards. This weight was made possible by a 100% carbon construction. The rails are pulled far forward and promote the flex behaviour of the saddle. With a maximum rider weight of 100kg the saddle is not only light, but also stable.

    Product details
    • Material: Carbon
    • Diameter of rails: 7×9 mm
    • Weight: 65g /55g
    • Field of application: Road and Cross Country
    • Width: 120mm
    • Length: 260mm / 250mm
    • Max. Driver weight: 100kg
    • Available colors: Black Edition, Team Edition (Nähere Infos zu den Farbvarianten von Schmolke Carbon finden Sie weiter unten)

    Schmolke Carbon attaches great importance to the quality of their products. That is why they offer individual crash replacement offers in addition to the 2-year warranty on their products.

    Schmolke Color Options

    Many Schmolke products have a Team Edition and a Black Edition.
    They differ only in the colours of the decals.

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    Rate this product

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    • 1x Schmolke TLO carbon saddle 3K
  • Show all items from SchmolkeSchmolke Carbon is a German manufacturer of high-end carbon fiber components for bicycles. They specialize in producing lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic components that are designed to meet the demands of competitive cyclists. Their product line includes handlebars, seatposts, stem, and forks that are made from high-quality carbon fiber materials.

    Schmolke Carbon prides itself on its attention to detail, using advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous testing protocols to ensure that every component they produce meets their exacting standards. The company has a reputation for producing some of the lightest and strongest components on the market, making them a popular choice among professional cyclists and serious hobbyists alike. Despite the premium price tag, customers have reported that Schmolke Carbon components are well worth the investment, offering exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity.
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