Gelu K3 carbon saddle

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  • Gelu K.3


    • Weight: +/38g
    • Size: 242/122 (mm)
    • Top: 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
    • Rails: 100% preperg.carbon/ epoxy
    • Max Weight: 85kg

    Road bikes, recreation & urban bikes; Possibility of customization (colors, names, logos...)

    Top 5 ultralight road tech at bikeradar

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    • Zohar 24/09/2020
      go for few grams heavier and safer
      Been riding on carbon saddles for 10 years and owned 4 different brands, non of them broke on me, but the k3 Did brake twice within 3 months of riding.
      I think they got tiered of me (or thinking it?s my fault), after the second time (not getting any response from the manufacturer), though I only weigh 68kg and only use it on road bike (bianchi oltre xr4), needless to say - no crushes.
      I?m sure most of the people who considering buying it (like me) because it?s the lightest saddle out there, but this one is so fragile!!! I?m not sure you want to risk almost $600.

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