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  • Thru-Axle Quick Release

    Length is determined by your frame or fork, not your hub width. Before you order your Set N’ Forget, you will need to measure two things: skewer length and threading. Our growing Frame/Fork Database lists the most common sizes, but it’s best to double check the measurement. The instructions for the skewer length are in the video. The sizing chart is in the Technical Information. The instructions for the threading are beneath the Product Story. This is easier than it sounds, all you need is a tape measure and 5 minutes of time!

    Technical Information

    • Material: Stainless Steel, 7075 and 6061 Aluminum
    • Weight: grams
      • 12mm x 112mm Coarse (1.5) 58.1g
      • 12mm x 163mm Coarse (1.5) 71.9g
      • 12mm x 170mm Coarse (1.5) 73.9g
      • 12mm x 227mm Coarse (1.5) 91.1g
      • 12mm x 163mm Fine (1.0) 72.1g
      • 12mm x 170mm Fine (1.0) 74.1g
      • 12mm x 227mm Fine (1.0) 91.2g
      • 15mm x 127mm Coarse (1.5) 69.1g
      • 15mm x 142mm Coarse (1.5) 75.2g
      • 15mm x 153mm Coarse (1.5) 77.7g
      • 15mm x 171mm Coarse (1.5) 90.0g
      • 15mm x 190mm Coarse (1.5) 98.4g
      • 15mm x 201mm Coarse (1.5) 102.7g

    • Anodized Color: Black, Silver, Orange (head only)
    • Cam: Internal
    • Length of Thread for 12x112,119,127x1.5: 15mm
    • Length of Thread for 12xAll Lengths EXCEPT 112,119,127x1.5: 20mm
    • Length of Thread for 15xFox: 14mm
    • Length of Thread for 15xEverything EXCEPT Fox: 15mm

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