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Extralite Black-Lock thru axle rear

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This item is crafted in Italy
    • Weight: ~25g
    • Axle: Al 7075 T6 CNC
    • Tool: 6mm Allen on thread side
    • Compatibility: See table below
    • Special: Bronze self lubing washer
    • Graphics: laser etched

    Total length
    Thread length
    C & D
    Thread pitch

    and diameter
    BlackLock 12.1Shimano E-Thru17218M12x1.529g
    BlackLock 12.1 BShimano E-Thru Boost17818M12x1.531g
    BlackLock 12.2Specialized, Syntace X-12 16117M12x129g
    BlackLock 12.2 BSpecialized X-12 Boost16617M12x131g
    BlackLock 12.3Maxle17619M12x1.7530g
    BlackLock 12.3 BMaxle "Boost" 18218220M12x1.7530g
    BlackLock 12.4Scott, etc (not compatible with Santa Cruz)16817M12x129g
    BlackLock 12.4 BScott Boost17217M12x129g
    BlackLock 12.4 RAScott Road15813M12x1.527g
    BlackLock 12.4 RBGiant Road16313M12x1.528g

    Thread Pitch
    Here a simple method to check the thread pitch of your axle with a normal vernier caliper.
    Measure the total width of 4 thread "roots" as follows:
    • Align caliper "jaws" with the "first" and with the "fifth" crests (4 roots).
    • Total width 4mm --
    • Total width 5mm --
    • Total width 6mm --

    Extremely light thru-axles for QR15 forks and 12mm thru axle frames.

    Their unique design ensures a prefect function with a well balanced dimensions.

    Available for Boost standard.

    The notched area of the thread get reinforced by the allen groove and locking/tightening forces do not affect the axle with useless torsional stress.

    Machined with our usual Extra-care, makes you save up to 50g!

    The bronze washer adds a smooth action, a tricky nice touch.

    Black Lock are supplied separately from our wheelsets.

    100% made in Italy
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    • 1x Extralite Black-Lock thru axle rear
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