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    The highest lateral rigidity and stability

    Schnapsbrenner + Schwarzfahrer = Schwarzbrenner 45C

    You can’t argue with over two decades of experience in wheels. We know what we’re talking about. We are progressive when possible, and traditional when necessary.

    Like a good meal, anyone can throw some food together, but true artisan perfection takes experience and time.

    Schwarzbrenner 45 C “From 25 to 1450”

    Some numbers for you:
    • 25: mm tires. For full speed on the road, the rim is aero-optimized for 25mm tires.
    • 33: Maximum permitted tire width. (in mm)
    • 45: rim height (in mm)
    • 100: 100% produced in Germany. The rim is produced in a fully-automated process especially for us according to our stringent specifications. So we know that the carbon is laid where it’s needed.
    • 100% control of each rim. Permanent control of material fatigue, impact and lateral stiffness, in the in-house test centre. The highest quality is therefore guaranteed.
    • 100% hand built. In production, we rely on a fully-automated processes, but in the build-up, we use our decades of experience and build all carbon wheels by hand.
    • 100kg maximum rider weight
    • 250: TG 250 °. The TG is one of the most important parameters for the selection of the braking area. It means the brake sidewall can withstand temperatures up to 250 ° C before any material damage.
    • 1450: grams. As a disc variant.
    • 1320: grams. As a rim brake variant.

    Despite all the numbers, the Schwarzbrenner 45C has the highest lateral rigidity and stability. Built with super-stylish aerodynamic CX-Ray spokes from Sapim, the Schwarzbrenner becomes a must-have.

    The Schwarzbrenner 45C is the legitimate successor to our Schwarzbrenner 38 and offers the best value for money for carbon wheels on the market

    Approved for RR and Gravel


    We use standard bearings. This means you can also buy bearings in Australia if you need to. Ours are just a little special, with two main differences:
    - Our bearings have a higher fat filling grade. 30% is standard, whilst ours are filled to 50%. This not only prolongs their life, but also provides a better Standard bearings have variations in play from their production.
    - Tune bearings have the play specially determined dependent on their use. One single Tune bearing is not standard – the bearing in the free-wheel body on the left. It is constructed specifically to withstand high forces and last extra long.

    Carbon Wrapping
    The spoke crossings are wrapped with Carbon fibre, which gets strengthened with resin. This increases the wheel quality. The result is that the spoke construction becomes more stable, several components are connected to one stiff, long lasting unit. The increased stiffness leads to a more direct reaction when riding out of the saddle and enables precise steering. In the case of an overload, e.g. by a shock, the most stressed spoke gets released by the spoke it is wrapped with.

    Sapim CX-Ray
    The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhillers use them, recognizing their strength and flexibility. Special alloy treatment and sophisticated production make this all possible. The CX-Ray fits is all standard hub holes.

    HubsKINGkong / Kong
    RimsSchwarzbrenner 45C (Clincher)
    SpokesSAPIM CX-RAY, black-chrom
    Holes count24 / 28
    NippleSapim, Aluminium, all Tune anodized colour
    Lacingfront 2-Times, rear 3-Times
    Max. Rider weight100 Kg
    Wheelset 45 mm1450 g

    Inner width18 mm
    Outer width26,60 mm
    Rim height45 mm
    Rim tape width20 mm
    Tire pressure23 mm 8,5 bar
    25 mm 8,0 bar
    28 mm 7,5 bar
    33 mm 5 bar
    Tire widthmin. 23 mm / max. 33 mm
    Rim weight (±5%)430 g
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  • Annotations

    In case that the specific option you are looking for (e.g. CL/6-hole, freehub body or axle standard) is not listed we ask you to place the order using a dummy wheelset and drop a short comment regarding the configuration you exactly need.

    The color is referring to the anodization color of the hubs.
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