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  • Flow CB7 Wheel

    • Designed for trail riding
    • Asymmetric Bead Socket Technology brings Stan’s legendary easy inflation and the most reliable airtight seal to wider, offset carbon rims
    • Asymmetric rim shape with offset drilling improves bracing angle and balances spoke tension to create a stronger overall wheel and
    • Custom carbon layup equalizes impact forces on both the long and short sides of the rim, making both stronger
    • Low-profile sidewalls and RiACT rim design creates a lighter rim that absorbs impacts for less rolling resistance and superior ride quality
    • 100% CNC machined hubs with 6-pawl simultaneous engagement
    • Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8 spokes with Secure Lock aluminum nipples
    • WideRight rim design optimized for 2.35 2.80” tires
    • Custom build options and decal colors
    • Available in all popular axle configurations
    • Available for Shimano HG or SRAM XD cassettes
    • Register your wheels for 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement

    Details are the difference between a good wheelset and a great wheelset. The Flow CB7 carbon wheelset is lighter and stronger than most of its competitors, but it’s the details that make it a great overall wheelset.

    The Flow CB7 uses an asymmetric rim design to create a stronger wheel. Asymmetric rims drilled with offset spoke holes that aren’t in the center of the rim increase strength by improving the bracing angle of the spokes, creating a more stable, wider base that better supports your rim. But bringing our legendary Bead Socket Technology to an asymmetrical rim presented a whole new level of challenges. Asymmetric rims have traditionally been unable to live up to Stan’s high standards for tire installation, easy inflation, tire removal, and a reliable airtight seal. For years we didn’t think it was even possible to build an asymmetric rim that could inflate easily and retain consistent pressure under the most aggressive riding. When our friends at Ibis approached us looking for a way to bring our best-in-class tubeless rim design to their highly successful asymmetric rim shape, we knew that together we could create a better asymmetric rim.

    Why is making a great asymmetric tubeless rim so tough? One reason is that tire beads don’t pop into place simultaneously on an asymmetrical rim. Forces while riding are also very different from one side to the next when cornering. Perfecting inflation, tire retention and ride quality required a whole new approach to rim design. Together with the carbon specialists at Ibis, we were able to perfect our tubeless design for asymmetric rims. Not only do Stan’s approved Asymmetrical BST rims inflate easier and hold air more effectively than any other asymmetric design, they also allow for the lowest possible sidewalls. Lower sidewalls mean much lighter weight, better sealing and retention, and a faster, more forgiving ride.

    Like all Stan’s carbon rims, the shape and layup of the Flow CB7's is based on our radial impact absorbing carbon technology, RiACT. Unlike lesser carbon rims that ride stiff and transfer impacts and vibration to the suspension and rider, the Flow CB7 is able to deflect radially to help prevent pinch flats, roll faster and feel better. The RiACT rim shape, combined with the added bracing angle strength of the Flow CB7’s asymmetrical drilling, also maintains excellent lateral stiffness and strength while absorbing those radial impacts.

    The Flow CB7 is available with our own Neo hubs featuring a Durasync 6-pawl freehub with fast 10-degree engagement, and triple freehub bearings to better distribute axle load. Neo hubs shells are 100% CNC machined for precision and roll on low-friction centerless ground axles for long life and reliable performance. Combined with mechanically locking Secure Lock nipples, Sapim spokes allow for a light but very strong wheel. Like all Stan’s wheels the Flow CB7 relies on conventional j-bend spokes, which are easy to replace any almost any shop. Flow CB7 wheelsets are available to fit every common axle style.

    Register your wheels with us and your Flow CB7 wheelset is backed up by our 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement offer.

    The Flow CB7 brings Stan’s patented BST tubeless system to wider carbon rims to create a new classic, and one of the best all-around trail rims you can buy. The details all add up to a light, strong wheelset that’s easier to own and performs better on the trail. The Flow CB7 brings Stan’s legendary tubeless performance and great quality to a wider and stronger asymmetric carbon rim.


    Rim Internal Width:29.0mm Rim Weight:420g (27.5”) / 455g (29”)
    Rim External Width:35.0mm Wheelset Weight:1,674g (27.5”) / 1,761g (29”)
    Rim Depth:18.3mm Front Wheel Weight:776g (27.5”) / 820g (29”)
    Spokes:Sapim Force Black 2.0/1.7/1.8mm Rear Wheel Weight:898g (27.5”) / 941g (29”)
    Nipples:Sapim Secure Lock Alloy Black ERD:564mm, 4mm Offset (27.5") / 602mm, 4mm Offset (29")
    Hub:Neo with Durasync ETRTO:584x29.0 (27.5") / 622x29.0 (29")
    Hole Count:32-hole, 32-hole ISO:27.5" x 35mm / 29" x 35mm
    Rim Material:Carbon Tape:30mm
    Rim Color:Black Max Spoke Tension:105kgf (1030N)
    Hub Color:Black Max Pressure with 2.40" Tire:2.5 Bar (37psi)
    Brakes:Disc Only Max Pressure with 2.80" Tire:1.7 Bar (26psi)
    Valve:35mm Presta Max Rider Weight: 113 kilo (250lbs)


    Three times stiffer than our aluminum rims laterally, but absorbs radial impacts to withstand bigger hits and roll faster.

    Our WideRight profile increases tire volume without negatively affecting tread shape or sidewall height.

    BST rims are designed to match the shape of your tire's bead to create a safer and more secure air tight interface.

    Our race-proven Neo hubs with Durasync & Neo Ultimate hubs with Speedsync offer the durability and faster engagement to handle today's most difficult trails and more aggressive riding style.
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