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Fulcrum Racing 3 C17 clincher wheelset Shimano 11-speed

64020 / 8057017981961 / R3-18CFRBS1 / 2018
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  • Racing 3

    All-rounder, Endurance, Training, Sporty… the words that can be used to describe this model are infinite. It is a wheel that has always been chosen as the ideal mid-range solution and has heaps of character.
    With Racing 3 you can't go wrong and this is still the case even though all aspects have been updated.

    The first and more important new feature is the aluminium rim (T6 Pre-aged) for traditional brakes with a 17 mm groove and featuring new shapes and harmonious milling in line with the outer edges, without adding any superfluous weight and creating a highly pronounced central supporting structure.
    This is a sturdy and comfortable wheel ideal for long distance cycling thanks to the enhanced shock absorption guaranteed by its aerodynamic steel spokes. It also has a extremely smooth rolling action thanks to the bottom bracket cup technology which is a guarantee in itself.
    Reliable and ultra-stylish there is no need to compromise with this wheel.

    It is suitable for two types of cyclists: those who use it for training and don't want to compromise on a quality cycling experience and passionate cyclists who go out for long rides and place importance on the versatility and comfort that the aluminium structure and steel spokes on this model are able to offer.

    Weight: 1560 g



    • tyre type: Clincher
    • tyre size: 28"
    • weight: 1560 g
    • rim material: Aluminum
    • rim material details: Aluminum (6082, T6 Pre-Aging), R2-Milling
    • rim height category: Low
    • rim height: front: 25 mm, rear: 30 mm
    • rim width: 22,5 mm, ETRTO 17C
    • tyre width : From 25 mm to 50 mm
    • braking system: Caliper
    • braking surface/braking options: Aluminum braking surface, turned
    • front axle compatibility: QR
    • rear axle compatibility: QR
    • front wheel spokes: 16 (8 left + 8 right)
    • rear wheel spokes: 21 (7 left + 14 right), Two to one
    • spokes material: Stainless steel, double butted
    • spokes profile technology: Aero, straight pull
    • nipples: Aluminum
    • front hub: Aluminum, Aluminum flanges
    • rear hub: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange
    • bearings: Cup & Cone bearing system, Adjustable
    • others: Aluminum Axle
    • WEIGHT LIMIT: 109 kg (Cyclist)
    • FWB version: HG11, Campy

    The rim

    Milled rim: this machining makes it possible to reduce the peripheral weight of these road bike rims and makes the wheels extremely reactive.
    Differentiated rim height: 25 mm at the front to have a good handling; 30 mm at the rear to transfer all the power to the wheel.


    Oversized hub body in aluminum, provides a high degree of lateral stiffness and reduces the weight to a minimum.
    Oversize aluminum flange: 9% more torsional stiffness. Greater reactivity to each change in pedaling time and more efficient power transmission to the wheel.


    Top quality steel balls with cup-and-cone bearings system: reduces friction and provides top performance.
    The cup-and-cone system makes it easy to adjust the bearings.

    Spokes and nipples

    Double-butted steel spokes with aero profile enable maximum aerodynamic penetration.
    Anti spoke rotation system which keeps the spokes consistently in the position of maximum aerodynamic performance.

    You can find the 2018 Fulcrum Catalog here!
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  • Show all items from FulcrumFulcrum is a well-known Italian manufacturer of high-performance bicycle wheels. The company was founded in 2004 by three aerospace engineers who were passionate about cycling and wanted to create a new standard in bicycle wheels. Fulcrum quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality, lightweight, and durable wheels that are designed for optimal performance.

    One of the key innovations that Fulcrum is known for is its use of asymmetric spoke lacing on its wheels. This design helps to balance the spoke tension on the drive side of the wheel, which increases stiffness and improves power transfer. Fulcrum also uses high-quality materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum, to create lightweight and durable wheels.

    Fulcrum offers a wide range of wheels for different types of riding, including road, mountain bike, cyclocross, and gravel. The company also offers a range of wheels for specific disciplines, such as time trial and triathlon. Additionally, Fulcrum has a range of wheels specifically designed for e-bikes.

    Fulcrum's commitment to innovation, quality, and performance has made it a trusted and respected brand in the cycling industry. Many professional cyclists and teams use Fulcrum wheels, and the company sponsors several professional cycling teams.

    Overall, Fulcrum is a well-established brand that is known for its high-performance, durable and lightweight wheels for different types of cycling. Fulcrum's innovative designs, use of high-quality materials, and its reputation for quality have made it a popular choice among professional cyclists and enthusiasts.
IN STOCK (only 1 left in stock)