Shutter Precision PL-8X disc Centerlock dynamo hub thru-axle 15/100mm 36H

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  • Shutter Precision PL-8X Disc Centerlock Disc

    The acme of perfection!
    The PD-8X is the union of a precision 6V3W dynamo with the modern 15mm thru-axle(6 bolt or centerlock) disc specification ... and the new acme of dynamo technology for “Xtreme” use. It is perfected integration of “bleeding edge” technology and muscular aesthetics. Yet the ultimate attainment of 8X remains its superior mechanical performance. Not only the most efficient in its class, the 8X is also the lightest in weight. With premium surface treatment and design, the 8X is gorgeous in motion and striking at standstill.

    The 8X did not take industry standards at the basis for design. It sought to surpass them to the extent possible in every respect. Not stopping at slipping a 15mm thru-axle into a tested hub dynamo design, the 8X incorporates inter alia increased bearing diameters for added mechanical strength and expanded flange distances for more resilient wheel builds. It is our pleasure to present the 8X to you.

    8X DNA
    The DNA of the PD-8X is SP’s deep philosophical commitment to unrelenting technological evolution in every aspect of hub dynamo conceptualization, design and production. Its expression can be found in a hub shell created via painstaking CAD simulations to optimize structural rigidity while minimizing material input.

    Attention to good design is on display in surface treatments at once technical and yet elegant. At the core of the PD-8X is SP intelligent dynamo engineering, which has resulted in a dynamo mechanism with watch like precision. It is simply the most technically advanced hub dynamo power management solution available anywhere today. A sophisticated precision instrument matched to a comely visage, the PD-8X is hub dynamo updated, redefined and refined.

    Weight: 468g

    • Axle width: 100mm
    • Lock nut to flange brake side: 25mm
    • Flange to centre brake side: 25mm
    • Lock nut to flange driver side: 25mm
    • Flange to centre driver side: 25mm
    • Brake side flange diameter: 58mm
    • Driver side flange diameter: 58mm
    • Spoke hole diameter: 2,7mm
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