THM Carbones ULNA carbon road handlebar 31.8mm

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  • THM Carbones ULNA carbon road handlebar 31.8mm

    THM Ulna is a total re-think of a handlebar: an internal structure makes it as stiff as much heavier competitors, yet still the world's lightest bar with a 110Kg weight limit.

    Product Information
    • Basebar material: Carbon
    • Weight: (42cm): 155g
    • Clamp diameter: 3I.8 mm
    • Drop (mm): 119
    • Reach (mm): 77
    • Flare: 6°
    • Finish: Natural Carbon
    • Width (cm) C-C: 40, 42, 44
    • Max.permissible total weight (rider+bicycle+luggage): 110 Kg / 243
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  • THM Carbones has been awarded with the German seal of quality by federal research organization.

    Since 20 years THM Faserverbund-Technologie GmbH explores the best possible approaches in case to engineer high-performance and state-of-the-art components.

    The exact direction of the carbon fibre along the force flow leads to an optimal use of the material's potential. Hereby THM Carbones has been inspired by the structure of natural bones in case to reach maximum performance in comnbination with least weight of the particular components.

    Finally THM achieved being honored with the German "Innovativ durch Forschung" award.
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