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THM Carbones Tibia carbon stem Natural Carbon

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This item is crafted in Germany
  • THM Carbones Tibia carbon stem

    Tibia is a total re-think of the stem, that humble but critical connection from the steerer to the handlebar. Tibia sets a new benchmark in carbon fabrication: an ideal choice of fiber, following the natural principle of least tension differences, makes the stem super-stiff yet forgiving to ride, with excellent damping to soak up road buzz.

    Extremely lightweight at less than 80 g, and with a streamlined shape inspired by natural forms, Tibia provides an optimal aerodynamic connection between the handlebar and the wheel. New clamping hardware in Ti and aluminum ensures that the carbon fibers run end-to-end without being severed by bolt piercings. Also the faceplate is made of carbon with high sophisticated very small structural elements.

    The high quality of the carbon fabrication needs only buffing to a satin polish, a finish that eliminates a clearcoat and saves a few grams.

    Product Information
    • Weight: (100 mm): 78 g
    • Material: Carbon
    • Clamp diameter: 3I.8 mm
    • Bolts: Titanium M4
    • Stack: 40 mm
    • Steerer diameter: 1 1/8
    • Finish: Natural Carbon
    • Length: 80-100-110-120 mm
    • Angle: ±6°
  • Rate this product

    Rate this product

    3 reviews for THM Carbones Tibia carbon stem Natural Carbon with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • I have a 120 mm one; It also works excellently and its line is absolutely fascinating. The price is adequate to the absolute quality. Note that the Starbike price is 10% lower than its competitors ...
         Augusto ELLERO   
    • A boxy work of art.
      It is as big and clunky as the pictures show. But it is feather light and is rock solid. The boxy look has grown on me and there is no other stem I can think of that you'd confuse it with. It is a great product and would buy another if I was in the market. The only downside is that if you use the rubber bands to attach a Garmin to the stem, the band are at their stretchy limit.

    • It's really beautiful and wonderful
    • 1 x THM Carbones Tibia Carbon
    • 4 x Faceplate bolts
    • 2 x Steerer clamping screws
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20 - 30 weeks delivery time
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20 - 30 weeks delivery time

20 - 30 weeks delivery time

20 - 30 weeks delivery time