Surly Knard wired tire 700x41C 33TPI (41-622)

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  • Knard 29 x 3

    This is our popular, fast rolling Knard tread applied to a 29+ casing. What’s 29+? It’s a tire meant for rims with a bead seat diameter of 622mm (29˝), but large volume and ideally shaped when used on a very wide rims. In this case Knard is a 3˝ tire designed for 50mm rims. The larger diameter smooths rolling over rough ground, the increased volume adds a bit of suspension and float, the width increases traction, and the sheer size holds speed well. The profile is round and tracks well cornering and off-camber, and will remain effective on rims as narrow as 35mm. The closely spaced low-block tread grips well on multiple surface types but is most at home on dry rock and packed dirt. 27tpi and 120tpi casings available.

    • Bead Seat Diameter: 622mm Note: designed for 50mm wide rims. Requires minimum of 35mm wide rim to safely engage bead hook
    • Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (980g) 27tpi with wire bead (1240g)


    Knard 700 x 41

    This is a similar Knard tread we previously introduced on a 29 x 3˝ casing, made up of low, closely spaced knobs, an effective tread for going fast over varied terrain. We chose 41mm because it’s meaty enough to conform to the ground surface, absorb irregularities and provide a decent sized contact patch.

    • Bead Seat Diameter: 700c x 41mm 622mm Bead Seat Diameter, 41mm casing width / Note: 23–30mm recommended rim size.
    • Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (442g) 60tpi with Kevlar bead (680g) 33tpi wire bead (650g)


    Knard 26 x 4.8

    The Knard is a tire that just makes sense. With its tightly spaced low-block tread pattern, it provides the perfect ratio of traction and low rolling resistance. It grips well on all sorts of different surfaces and will haul some sausage on hard packed terrain or groomed trails. If you want a tire with a little less bite and a bit more speed without sacrificing traction, look no further. The Knard 4.8 comes in both 60tpi and 120tpi casings.

    Fall 2015: We’ve also added a tubeless ready, folding bead.

    • Bead Seat Diameter: 559mm
    • Casing: 120 tpi (1506g) and 60 tpi (1659g).
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    Wheel, Rim and Tire Instructionsinstruction manual
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    Tire Geometriescomparison
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    Factory number:TR0086
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