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Selle San Marco Aspide carbon FX black/black L2

87811 / 8009456032315 / 2019
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  • Selle San Marco Aspide Carbon FX

    • Version: Carbon FX
    • rack: DNA carbon Ø 9,8x7 mm
    • Fit: L2
    • Weight: 150 g
    • Dimensions: Length = 277 mm; Width = 142 mm;
    • Field of application: Road
    • Material: Cover = Microfeel + texture carbon+ HF; Foam = Biofoam; Shell = Carbon fiber reinforced

    Carbon Waist -DNA“X”- shaped node (Dynamic Node Action) which allows the frame to be made even lighter and more rigid, avoiding twisting, and maintaining an excellent level of comfort. Its greater length, compared to the carbon frames on the market, ensures one of the most extensive backward and forward saddle adjustments. This material is used on the Superleggera and Carbon FX saddles. Carbon frames have a section of 9.8 x 7 mm which increases resistance and ensures extremely light structures. You need to use an adapter with some seat posts.
    BiofoamBiodynamic structure that follows the movements of the pelvis during pedalling, guarantees comfort, reduced weight, lasting resistance and ideal support. The “closed cells” surface assures the water repellency of the padding.
    MicrofeelBreathable covering with high abrasive resistance. It is less subject to deformation compared to traditional materials and is lighter. Bio- compatible. Now available with some models and with the new silk-touch finish, Silk Microfeel.
    PebaxInnovative material for the padding with extraordinary technological benefits such as the ultra light weight. Biocompatible with an outstanding shape memory. Its features allow the saddle to be lighter and more comfortable.
    Carbon Fiber ReinforcedNylon with high properties, enriched with a high percentage of long carbon fibers, to enhance the characteristics of rigidity and durability without affecting the weight.
    Full Carbon ShellHigh modulus unidirectional carbon fibres linked to engineering research on shape and structure that guarantee uncompromising lightness. The synthesis of years of experience, research and excellent craftsmanship.
    Glass Fiber ReinforcedTechno-polymer: engineering polymer with high physical and mechanical characteristics (rigidity, toughness, ductility) that allow it cope with static and dynamic loads and ageing.
    Silkfeel/PlusBreathable covering with high abrasive resistance. It is less subject to deformation compared to traditional materials. Bio-compatible. Silk-touch surface nish. The Plus version has increased resistance and durability characteristics.
    ManganeseThis material enhances the characteristics of the frame, increasing its resistance to wear due to vibrations. Manganese frames are fitted on all Dynamic level saddles.
    Stealth XsliteMaterial with a high percentage of silicon, combined with titanium and carbon particles. It is light and resistant and is not affected by any weather conditions. The stealth-technology processing ensures resistance to fatigue stresses. All Racing saddles are proposed with Stealth Xsilite frame.

    ASPIDE is the perfect saddle from both an aesthetic and technological point of view. It has the virtue of satisfying the most demanding cyclists and never disappoints those who test it for the first time. It is a light and comfortable saddle that provides remarkable performance. The design is unique: an essential shape symbol for lightness and comfort. The ergonomics have been redefined by a special study to find a perfect balance between support and relief zone.

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