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  • BUSCH & MÜLLER headlight bracket "464 - 464HSPB
    Suitable for Lumotec IQ-X

    BUSCH & MÜLLER headlight bracket "464 - 464HPB
    Suitable for Lumotec IQ-X

    Stainless Steel Bracket Short
    Lenght: 25 mm
    Legs: 18 mm
    Part number: 474DPB

    Stainless Steel Bracket Middle
    Lenght: 45 mm
    Legs: 18 mm
    Part number: 475DPB

    Plastic Bracket
    Lenght: 75 mm
    Part number: 471LHPB

    Metall Bracket
    Lenght: 50 mm
    Part number: 470HPB

    Plastic Bracket
    Steerer Tube Mounting (1 1/8")
    Part number: 471B/1PB

    For SR-Forks CR8, NEX
    Part number: 471APB

    For SR-Forks CR9 + NCX 2009 or younger
    Part number: 471AXKPB

    For SR-Forks CR9 + NCX 2009 or younger
    Part number: 471AXPB
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