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Vittoria Rubino Pro Graphene 2.0 folding tire

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  • Rubino Pro - Performance Race

    Designed for intensive training, it is equally suitable for racing events. The Rubino Pro builds on the standard Rubino platform, utilizing the same exclusive 3C Graphene compound structure, long service life, puncture protection, and sharp handling traits, but substitutes a folding bead material for reduced weight. The Rubino Pro has long been a favorite for both training and racing, and with the addition of Graphene technology compounds, is more versatile than ever!

    • All-rounder for any condition.
    • 150 TPI Nylon casing for high mileage.
    • 3 compounds in the tread (3C) for increased wear life and better rolling.
    • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound allows for increased wet grip.

    Graphene 2.0
    Unlike the first-generation graphene, the new 2.0 graphene is functionalized to enhance specific tire performances. In other words, where the first generation of graphene compounds raised the bar evenly, Graphene 2.0 pin-points each performance metric, and increases it disproportionally to the rest. Vittoria is now able to apply Graphene in such a way that it can achieve a performance boost specifically for speed, wet grip, durability and puncture resistance.

    Vittoria 4C Compound
    Vittoria 4C compound layering technology features separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and the side areas of the tread. This approach allows to fine-tune the flex of the tread-base and tread-surface separately, placing the correct hardness of the Graphene 2.0 compound exactly where it is needed for maximum cornering, climbing, rolling, and braking performance. In addition, durability and puncture protection are also improved, as the robust base compound resists punctures, and provides a stable base for deeper mountain bike treads.

    Corespun 290 TPI
    It is a high-TPI cotton with polyester yarn, producing a flexible, strong casing sustaining high pressures and offering outstanding performance and comfort. Rubino Pro uses this type of casing.

    Vittoria Nylon Casing
    Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fiber traditionally used for strong tire casings. The artificial fiber can be very light but is not as supple as Corespun. Our nylon casings set a new standard in their class. Nylon casing 120 TPI are used in Vittoria high-end Cross-Country and Enduro/All-Mountain MTB tyres.

    SizeWidthETRTOTire BuildMaterialColorWeightArt. Cod.
    65023c23-571Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIFull Black205g11A.00.134
    70023c23-28TubularCorespun 290 TPIFull Black285g11A.00.146
    70023c23-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIFull Black230g11A.00.135
    70025c25-28TubularCorespun 290 TPIFull Black295g11A.00.147
    70025c25-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIBlue Stripes250g11A.00.136
    70025c25-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIFull Black250g11A.00.140
    70025c25-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIRed Stripes250g11A.00.137
    70025c25-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIWhite Stripes250g11A.00.138
    70025c25-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIYellow Stripes250g11A.00.139
    70025c25-622TLRNylon 150 TPIFull Black305g11A.00.141
    70028c28-28TubularCorespun 290 TPIFull Black335g11A.00.148
    70028c28-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIFull Black270g11A.00.142
    70028c28-622TLRNylon 150 TPIFull Black270g11A.00.143
    70030c30-622Foldable beadNylon 150 TPIFull Black300g11A.00.144
    70030c30-622TLRNylon 150 TPIFull Black330g11A.00.145
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