Vittoria Corsa Control Graphene 2.0 folding tire

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  • Corsa Control Competition Race
    You asked and we delivered! The Corsa Control tackles greasy cobbles and rough roads with all the confidence of the classic Corsa. Sharing the same 320 TPI Corespun-K reinforced casing, and technical 4C Graphene compound technology, the Corsa Control adds a textured shoulder tread to the mix. This chevron tread pattern adds dynamic performance to the Corsa Control tread, allowing for increased grip on slippery surfaces, as well as added durability.

    • Tire choice of professional riders for races on cobble stones and pavé. Winner of 2018 Strade Bianche.
    • Thicker tread for the best puncture protection in colder conditions.
    • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound allows for increased resistance.
    • 4 compounds in the tread (4C) for increased wear life, better rolling and better grip on the sides.

    Graphene 2.0
    Unlike the first-generation graphene, the new 2.0 graphene is functionalized to enhance specific tire performances. In other words, where the first generation of graphene compounds raised the bar evenly, Graphene 2.0 pin-points each performance metric, and increases it disproportionally to the rest. Vittoria is now able to apply Graphene in such a way that it can achieve a performance boost specifically for speed, wet grip, durability and puncture resistance.

    Vittoria 4C Compound
    Vittoria 4C compound layering technology features separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and the side areas of the tread. This approach allows to fine-tune the flex of the tread-base and tread-surface separately, placing the correct hardness of the Graphene 2.0 compound exactly where it is needed for maximum cornering, climbing, rolling, and braking performance. In addition, durability and puncture protection are also improved, as the robust base compound resists punctures, and provides a stable base for deeper mountain bike treads.

    Corespun T 320 TPI
    It utilizes the finest thread available, exclusive to Vittoria. This special 320 TPI makes for the lightest, supplest, and fastest casing ever, to sustain the highest pressures used on track. Corsa Speed and Pista Speed use this particular type of casing.

    SizeWidthETRTOTire BuildMaterialColorWeightArt. Cod.
    70025c25-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBlack295g11A.00.112
    70025c25-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBeige295g11A.00.113
    70025c25-622Folding TiresCorespun K 320 TPIBlack265g11A.00.103
    70025c25-622Folding TiresCorespun K 320 TPIBeige265g11A.00.104
    70025c25-622TLRCorespun 320 TPIBlack300g11A.00.105
    70028c28-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBlack350g11A.00.114
    70028c28-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBeige350g11A.00.115
    70028c28-622Folding TiresCorespun K 320 TPIBlack280g11A.00.106
    70028c28-622Folding TiresCorespun K 320 TPIBeige280g11A.00.107
    70028c28-622TLRCorespun 320 TPIBlack315g11A.00.108
    70030c30-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBlack370g11A.00.116
    70030c30-28TubularCorespun K 320 TPIBeige370g11A.00.117
    70030c30-622Folding TiresCorespun K 320 TPIBlack280g11A.00.109
    70030c30-622TLRCorespun 320 TPIBlack320g11A.00.111
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    • Matheus Gadotti Junkes 22/10/2019
      Top grip
      Give a superior grip in my rides, always giving me extra safety without losing rolling performance. Recommend!

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