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Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex

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  • Caffélatex

    Caffélatex is a truly innovative tyre sealant, successfully used for road and off-road cycling, in tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.


    • doesn’t contain ammonia or other aggressive chemicals
    • best durability and puncture repairing ability mix
    • turns into foam when agitated, spreads easily and without unbalancing the wheel
    • used successfully in cyclocross, road and mountain bike at all levels, from leisure riding to professional racing
    • one formula only: professional racers use what anyone can buy


    How it works:

    Thanks to the addition of microscopic silicate particles, Caffélatex moves slowly through holes, allowing the sealing ingredient more time to heal the puncture. These particles are not macroscopic (e.g., glitter 150-300 microns) but are instead microscopic, less than 2 microns in diameter. Thus, Caffélatex flow characteristics change on a microscopic level without the headaches of valve-clogging glitter.
    Puncture repair speed is especially noticeable with lightweight or thin-casing tires.

    Foaming action activated by wheel movement:

    The first advantage of Caffélatex over classic latex-based sealants comes from a foaming behaviour, activated by wheel movement. Centrifugal force drives standard latex-based sealants against the outer circumference of the tyre. Caffélatex turns instead into foam, filling the tyre’s entire internal cavity, making our sealant much more effective against sidewall punctures. Caffélatex go back to liquid state after around 15 minutes of stillness.

    Puncture-repairing action:

    Its fast sealing action makes it ideal for mtb and road tubeless, tubular and standard tyres. Caffélatex repairs punctures up to 5 mm (mtb tubeless) and 3 mm (road tubeless).
    Thanks to its squeezable pouch and perfectly calibrated hose, Caffélatex 60 ml allows direct injection through Presta valves. Easy to transport, it’s ideal for also for road applications (60 ml / 2 ounces is the correct quantity for two 23 mm tubulars)

    Stable over time:

    Thanks to its formula, Caffélatex is a very stable and durable sealant, although its lifespan is also dependant on kind of application and external conditions.
    Using the recommended quantities for tyre size, the expected sealant lifespan is:

    • Tubular (or inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): 1-2 years
    • UST Tubeless tyre: 4-6 months
    • Tubeless-ready tyre: 2-4 months
    • Tube-type tyre: 2-3 months

    Nevertheless, in the impossibility of knowing our customers’ specific application (kind of wheel/tyre set-up, tyre sidewall thickness and porosities, external temperature and humidity, bicycle storage conditions…), we recommend checking Caffélatex every 2 months, to make sure it’s liquid and therefore retains its ‘puncture preventive’ action.
    When dry, Caffélatex-sealed wheels are still air-tight, but Caffélatex won’t actively repair punctures.

    Not corrosive:

    Being completely ammonia-free, it’s 100% tyre and rim friendly and also the favourite sealant for cyclocross/tubular applications, creating no harm to the sensitive latex innertubes.

    Usage and storage temperatures:

    From very cold to very hot, exceeding by far those of first-generation latex sealants (usage: -20/+50°C ~ storage: -15/ +30°C).

    Recommended quantities:

    We take too much pride in our attention for details to give rough numbers.

    For a precise recommended quantity (given the tyre type and size), click here

    Like all our products, it’s made in Italy.

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    Rate this product

    1 reviews for Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex with an average rating of 5/5 points.

    • great liquid
      I've been using liquids for my wheels for years. This is the third brand that I use for this type of products and the truth is that I could not be happier. the small punctures clog them immediately. Maybe it is not necessary to put as much as you recommend for the issue of ballasting the wheels. but buy totally recommendable
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