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  • milKit tubeless sealant is designed for best results with the patented milKit tubeless valves and award winning booster for inflating tubeless tires. However, it can be used with any tubeless valves.
    Using the milKit syringe you can easily measure how much sealant is left in your tire and add quickly and cleanly as needed.

    • Screw out the milKit valve core – the rubber flaps ensure no air is lost
    • Ensure tire pressure is not above 22 psi
    • Extract old sealant from tire with the milKit syringe to measure sealant remaining amount and check quality
    • Measure out the correct amount of milKit sealant and inject using the syringe
    • Screw the valve core back in, inflate tire to full riding pressure and you’re ready to ride!

    milKit sealant is thicker than others and always stays a consistent homogenous liquid. There is no need to shake it before use.
    milKit sealant’s microfibers give it a strong puncture sealing capability, with results for tears of up to 6mm. It covers the inside of the tire evenly, and adheres better to the tire wall than thin latex products, so the all-important microfibers are distributed optimally and ready to act as soon as you puncture.
    In the tire, the milKit sealant does not decompose into rubber particles and an aqueous residue, but it dries evenly and slowly and therefore remains effective longer than comparable products.
    milKit’s more environmentally friendly synthetic latex means there is no ammonia or chemically aggressive ingredients in this product. As well as being kinder on the environment this means no horrible smell or damage to rims and tires. It is also non allergenic, non-hazardous, can be diluted with water if desired and it is washable.
    The sealing effect of the microfibers also works very well at high pressure, making the sealant ideal for use in road and gravel tubeless tires.
    The amount of sealant to add depends on your preference, but you will find a guideline for starters on our FAQ page, and with the milKit syringe and valves you can easily check and top up without needing to remove the tire.

    • Seals tears and holes up to 6mm
    • Stays homogenous – no need to shake it up
    • Last longer than other sealants
    • Synthetic latex means no ammonia or chemically aggressive ingredients, so no horrible smell or damage to rims and tires.
    • Non allergenic, non-hazardous & washable
    • Works from -20 to +50° C / -4 – 122° F
    • Works well at high pressure so is suitable for gravel and road tires and well as MTB

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