Brake Force One Disc brake H2O set rear+front black

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  • Why water?

    Why not?! Water has a higher thermal capacity and lower thermal expansion. As such, a higher resistance to thermal distortion can be achieved. In addition, there is no need to replace the brake fluid, meaning no pollution of the environment and no oil spills in case of tumbles. With a 20% glycol proportion, winter is no obstacle either.

    Front wheel:
    Brake Hose 1000mm, incl. pads

    Rear wheel:
    Brake Hose 1700mm, incl. pads


    • Water instead of oil
    • 20% glycol proportion - winter is no obstacle either
    • Integrated brake power assist
    • Higher braking power
    • Harder pressure point
    • Very thin lines
    • Accurate modulation
    • Lower finger strength needed / 1 or 2 finger levers selectable
    • Closed system – no equalisation tank
    • No grinding
    • Line can be shortened with virtually no tools using plug connector
    • Individual colour and lever configurations
    • environment-friendly

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  • Tipp
    Hint for breaking-in:
    New disc brake pads require a certain break-in period in order to provide the full brake power.
    The following procedure has proved oneself: drag braking on a downhill until the brake power noticeably increases. Then let the brake rotor cool out. Afterwards do 20 full stop brakings from a medium speed. Attention: the rotors get very hot, do not touch them!
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